That you are

Tat-tvam-asi • तत् त्वम् असि

That I am

So-aham • सो ऽहम्

I build Instamojo with crazy people

Online payments were a luxury that only big companies or developers could afford. Instamojo is bringing online payments to the masses. The life changing possibilities are exciting.

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Writing is good; editing is profound. I use the writing-editing process to sort, express & play-around with thoughts. I write at:

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I talk a lot

A little too much. Often they invite me to talk about Entrepreneurship, Design & other stuff. I've given talks at TEDx, WordCamps, Startup Saturday, Engineering Colleges, Schools, etc.

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... and stuff

It's also been noted that I'm obsessed with The Teachings of Abraham, Pink Floyd, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, shoes, & ampersand.

People find it interesting that I dropped-out of college.

I'm often called weirdo, madly optimistic retard, that cute kid, etc. But online, I am the King.

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